Electronic Village at TESOL 2016


Join us at the Electronic Village April 6-8 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Electronic Village Special Events:

Electronic Village & Technology Showcase Events and Schedule, 2016

Download a PDF copy of our schedule here

The TESOL CALL-IS is pleased to provide webcast coverage of the following sessions from the Technology Showcase at this year’s TESOL 50th Annual Convention in Baltimore:

  • CALL-IS Academic Session- Project-Based Learning: Pedagogical Possibilities for Online, Mobile, and Blended Learning
  • CALL-IS and MWIS Intersection- Creating, Adapting, and Using Content for Mobile Apps
  • ITA-IS with MWIS and CALL-IS- Strategies for Developing and Delivering Training Materials for ITAs
  • ESPIS with VDMIS and CALL-IS- One size fits one: Incorporating technology into ESP courses
  • CALL-IS with SRIS and Environmental Forum- Innovating Language Learning through Technology for Environmental Responsibility
  • TESOL 50th Anniversary Special Event: Leadership Panel: History of the EV Retrospective: Over three decades of Professional Development
  • Hot Topics in Call
    • Going Massive – Online Course Development in MOOCs
    • Flipping the Classroom: CALL in K-12
    • Online Assessment: How Important & Effective Is It?
    • Google and Beyond – Free Online Tools for Teachers and Learners
    • Meaningful Play: Gaming and Language Learning
  • Electronic Village Online (EVO) Best of 2015
  • Mobile Apps for Education Showcase
  • Developer’s Showcase
  • TESOL CALL-IS Open Meeting
  • The CALL-IS is also webcasting several selected EV Fair Classics sessions from the Electronic Village.

For more information, or to access the webcasts, visit http://callis2016.pbworks.com/.

You’re invited to join us!