Electronic Village at TESOL 2017


Join us at the Electronic Village March 22-24 2017 in Seattle, Washington, USA

Electronic Village Special Events:

Electronic Village & Technology Showcase Events and Schedule, 2017

The TESOL CALL-IS is pleased to provide webcast coverage of the following sessions from the Technology Showcase at this year’s TESOL Annual Convention in Seattle:

  • CALL-IS Academic Session- A Call for 21st Century Reading
  • CALL-IS with TE-IS Intersection- Preparing Teachers to Make Intelligent Technology Decisions in Language Teaching
  • MWIS  with PAIS and CALL-IS Intersection- Meeting Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Realities in ELT Materials
  • EFL-IS with CALL-IS Intersection- EFL Learners Empowered through CALL
  • Hot Topics in CALL
    • Online Professional Development
    • Professional Development in Limited Technology Environments
    • MOOCs
    • Digital Literacy
    • Gaming and Language Learning
  • On the Cutting Edge: Graduate Student Research
  • Electronic Village Online (EVO) Best of 2017
  • Mobile Apps for Education Showcase
  • Developer’s Showcase
  • TESOL CALL-IS Open Meeting
  • The CALL-IS is also webcasting several selected EV Fair Classics sessions from the Electronic Village.

For more information, or to access the webcasts, visit http://callis2017.pbworks.com/.

You’re invited to join us!