The Electronic Village @ TESOL 2018 Chicago


CALL-IS invites you to join us at the Electronic Village March 28-30 in Chicago, Illinois, USA!


Electronic Village Special Events:


Electronic Village & Technology Showcase Events and Schedule, 2018


The TESOL CALL-IS is pleased to provide webcast coverage of the following sessions from the Technology Showcase at this year’s TESOL Annual Convention in Chicago:


    • CALL-IS Academic Session: Blended Learning: Creating (Or Promoting) Effective Tech-Supported Teaching/Learning Spaces
    • CALL-IS with TE-IS: Education Standard 2e, Teacher Training, Technology, Apps, and Digital Resources
    • VDM-IS with CALL-IS: Videos in the World of MALL
    • Special InterSecion; CALL-IS with IC-IS and Globetrotters Forum: Addressing Intercultural Awareness and CALL Importance in a Globetrotting Endeavor
    • TESOL Sponsor Presentation: Harnessing the Power of Technology for Assessment: CAL Test Platform
    • TESOL Sponsor Presentation: Big Data in Language Education: Integrating Personalized Out-of-Class Work with In-Class Activities (Voxy)
    • Hot Topic: The Positive and Negative Use of OER: The Real Picture
    • The Electronic Village Online: Best of 2018
    • On the Cutting Edge: Graduate Student Research
    • Mobile Apps for Education
    • Developers’ Showcase

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You’re invited to join us!