Chair Elect

Job Title: Chair Elect


  • Organize the academic session
  • Organize intersections with other Interest Sections
  • Organize discussion sessions
  • Run last meeting during conference as the new chair
  • Help chair with any other duties assigned.


During conference beginning of year:

  • Attend all IS planning meetings as scheduled by TESOL
  • Actively recruit volunteers
  • Help chair with meetings

Start work on topics and speakers for: Academic Session; Intersections; Discussion Groups.


  • Read proposals
  • Organize academic session
    • Finalize topic
    • Get suggestions for speakers from CALL-IS Steering Committee
    • Contact speakers
    • Submit to TESOL: Title, Abstract, Speakers’ information; teach / AV requests.
    • This is normally due in July.
  • Organize the Intersections. Same as with Academic Session: Arrange topic, speakers, and submit information to TESOL. Again, this is due in July.
  • Put out a CFP for discussions sessions.
  • Invite discussion presenters from proposals that did not make the cut

Discussion sessions were due in August this year (2007).

You need topics, discussion leaders, and their contact information, and a title and abstract to meet TESOL specifications.

Academic Session, Intersections, and Discussion Groups are all submitted on-line.

  • Help chair in final proposal selection


  • Assist chair when needed


  • Assist chair as needed

During Conference end of year:

  • Run last meeting during conference as new chair