Job Title: CALL IS Chair

Job Purpose: The chair organizes the CALL IS interest group


  • Liaison with TESOL
  • Submit budget and special projects proposals to TESOL
  • Monitor IS Leaders List and inform IS members of information relevant to the IS and its members
  • Request meeting rooms for TESOL Convention
  • Coordinate and adjudicate proposals
  • Set the Convention CALL program (subject to final approval by TESOL)
  • Propose hot topics,
  • Oversee steering committee,
  • Oversee EV operation and Special Events.
  • Serve as final arbitrator when consensus cannot be reached in IS issues and conflicts.
  • Work with Webmaster to update IS web site.
  • Be responsible for keeping IS practice in accordance with the IS Operating Rules.


During Convention beginning of year:

  • Attend all IS planning meetings as scheduled by TESOL.
  • Locate volunteer forms and make sure volunteer form are distributed volunteer forms Actively recruit volunteers
  • Make sure that minutes of meetings are taken
  • Represent the IS at IS Council (or whatever they are going to call it now)

Spring after the Convention:

  • Submit leadership information to TESOL (TESOL will send a form and due date for this)
  • Submit IS budget to TESOL (TESOL will send a form and due date for this)
  • Write any special projects proposals decided on at the open and planning meetings by the membership (if not delegated to another member) and submit to TESOL (TESOL will send a form and due date for this)
  • Submit any special projects proposals written by CALL IS members
  • Remind members of due date for concurrent sessions proposals for the next convention via CALL IS list


  • Adjudicate proposals Ð recruit readers, get a list of readers to TESOL
  • Organize readers
  • Answer any questions and liaison with TESOL for answers not readily available
  • Send in list of EV Special Events to TESOL
  • Write CALL Chair column for the CALL IS newsletter.
  • Contact EV Special Event teams to confirm the teams, recruit any needed team members
  • Coordinate revisions of the EV Special Events Call for Proposals with the EV Special Events coordinator
  • Set the EV Special Events schedule and open hours with the EV Special Events coordinator


  • Monitor CALL List and post messages appropriate for steering committee members only on the steering committee list.
  • Communicate with job leads to make sure that each job is running smoothly.


  • Make sure any special projects are completed
  • Contact steering committee members and inform them of convention meeting times, get arrival and convention contact information of steering committee members attending the conference
  • Work with the person responsible for the EV Special Events Program to set up printing and delivery of the program to the Convention
  • Submit list of IS delegates to IS Council (or whatever they are calling it now) to TESOL

During Convention (end of year):

  • Organize steering committee meeting and obtain room for this meeting
  • Run IS open meeting for members
  • Hand gavel over to chair elect.