EV Events Coordinator

The EV Events coordinator is responsible for coordinating the events that occur in the EV. This includes creating the schedule, planning the events, describing the events for the Advanced Program, and the Program Booklet, Editing and posting the CFP, outlining the plans for the program booklet, and when these need to go to the booklet editor, and then from the editor to TESOL. Overall, this is a very time consuming task, that requires a person who is organized and has time deadlines set.

At the Convention:
Attend planning meetings to determine the needs of the EV for the following years convention. This will help to plan out the schedule for the EV. Also, if needed, may help to pass the job along to the next person.

Make a general plan for the year, including making initial edits and changes to the following: EV Schedule, EV Advanced Program entries and EV Program Booklet entries. Coordinate with the CALL-IS Chair to learn who will be lead on each of the committees

Make initial contact with Conference Coordinator (right now Lisa Dyson ldyson@tesol.org) and make sure that they are still employed, and there isn’t a new person coming on board. Also make contact with the Membership Coordinator. Also, make sure information is submitted for the Advanced program, and/or check on deadline for this submission.

Present initial plan for EV schedule to Steering Committee and other EV planners for comments. Make adjustments as needed.

Inquire as to the schedule for the Intersections and Academic Sessions for the following year. Make EV fair “sectional” suggestions based on these, making sure that they don’t conflict. Make modifications to EV Event Acceptance letter.

Finalize draft of CFP based on scheduled events. Submit to Steering Committee and EV Planning committee for comments. Prepare to send out distribute widely in October. Make EV leaders aware of full responsibility regarding the events that they organize.
1) Having a rubric for evaluation of presentations.
2) Having a standard acceptance letter (created and kept on the moodle) which can be modified for each EV event.
3) Creating a database of accepted presentations for both the EV Program Booklet and the EV Certificates.
4) That they are aware of the deadlines for each of the above items (as determined by you).
Contact TESOL Conference Services (Lisa Dyson) to inquire about the deadlines for submission of materials for printing on site.

Distribute to CFP
Through yourself, or with others’ help send out to all listservs, including through the IS leaders, and all the intersection list serves.
Through TESOL send out a ‘blast’ to all members.
Post on the TESOL website in a prominent place (conventions). Request this from TESOL.
Post on the CALL-IS Content Area (talk with CALL-IS content manager).
Post on the CALL-IS Moodle.
Submit to be distributed through other international organization (IATEFL, EUROCALL, CALICO, IALLT, etc.)
Give to newsletter editor in case a newsletter is due out soon.

Additional Information:

Create and update posters for walls (no food, no e-mail, chatting, etc., computer number 1-10, Mac and PC). Signs for events and the tack board.