EV Fair Classics

Job Title: EV Fair Classics Coordinator

Job Purpose: The EV Fair Classics Coordinator organizes and coordinates the EV Fair Classics event in the Electronic Village



  • send out invitations to presenters of previous events (EV Fairs, Application Fairs)
  • maintain email list of presenters
  • confer (via spreadsheet in GoogleDrive) with EV Fair Coordinators to identify outstanding presentations for addition/invitation to EV Fair Classics two years following the initial presentation.
  • correspond with presenters
  • set up a document with a table that contains information on the presenter’s name, email address, title of presentation, 1-sentence summary of the presentation, URL for the presentation, hardware/software/download needs, preferred day of presentation, preferred platform, and station assignment
  • send acceptance letters to presenters that request them
  • send table with information about the presentations and presenters’ equipment needs, days/times of the presentation, and station assignments to the EV Coordinator or Assistant EV Coordinator
  • communicate information about the presentations and presenters’ requests to the person setting up the EV program
  • post table with presentation information on a Web page
  • submit Web page URL to the CALL-IS Webmaster
  • submit list of presenters and presentation titles to the Certificates Coordinator.

At the EV Fair Classics:

  • post the schedule of the presentations
  • post station sign, with station number, name(s) of presenter(s), affiliation, and presentation title
  • greet presenters and participants
  • announce the protocol for the EV Fair Classics (25-minute presentation, then participants rotate to another station and presenters repeat their presentation for a new audience)
  • Count the number of participants during each round of presentations
  • Act as liaison for technical troubleshooting


Early December – send out invitations with December 31 deadline

Early January – submit completed presentation schedule/table for publication in the EV Program Book

Early February – submit completed presentation schedule/table to the CALL-IS