EVO Online Coordinator

Job Title: EV Online Coordinator

Job Purpose: The EV Online Coordinator organizes and coordinates the EV Online workshops


  • Coordinates team that organizes the training course for moderators
  • Recruits moderators and trainers for the EVO sessions
  • Publicizes the EVO in anticipation of the sessions
  • Assists moderators as needed during the training sessions and mini-courses, including assigning mentors, providing help with the Yahoo Group interface, fielding questions about online interaction, and finding appropriate reading materials for training of moderators
  • Assists moderators in finding IS, Caucus, or other member group sponsorship
  • Conducts a summative evaluation of training and sessions, and reports to the CALL IS Steering committee based on data collected from moderators and participants
  • Prepares/coordinates/publicizes the Call for Proposals; oversees the review/modification of proposals for EV Online sessions; prepares and disseminates the Call for Participation
  • Assigns and works with liaison with TESOL Central Office staff
  • Works with liaison with the CALL-IS


May-June: Organizes revision of documents used in training, as needed

July-August: Prepares syllabus for training of moderators and prepares call for proposals and call for participation with assistance of Coordination team

September-October: Organizes recruitment of moderators

October-November: Leads Coordination Team during the training course for moderators

January-February: Supervises mentors and troubleshoots sessions; ensures evaluations take place at the end of sessions

March-April: Summarizes evaluations; prepares report to TESOL CO and to CALL-IS; prepares EV Internet Fair session to publicize EVO; assists moderators who may also wish to present at the EV; recruits new moderators and trainers for the following year’s sessions