Mini Workshops

Mini-workshops Coordinator:

  • Check and respond to emails from the organizing teams.
  • Check with the organizing team to see if the call for submissions has accurate information about the mini-workshop events.
  • Respond to emails from interested colleagues about the proposals.
  • Keep database of submitted proposals sent via email. You should use the template given by the team to record each submission.
  • Form a team of reviewers and communicate with them before, during, and after the review.
  • Check to make sure that reviewers are all clear about the ranking criteria and the entire reviewing process.
  • Collect and quantify all rankings. Then, pick the top numbers that fit in the available slots.  A few alternates should also be listed just in case of rejections by accepted proposal owners.
  • Assign each presenter his/her presentation date and time.
  • Send out rejection and acceptance letters.  Troubleshoot in cases where assigned presentation date and time is in conflict with the presenter(s)’ schedule.
  • Communicate with the team and send the database to the conference organizing agent (Lisa Dyson) so that the information can be fed into the EV program book.
  • Continue to communicate with the team constantly.
  • Communicate with presenters as needed.
  • Make sure that the rooms are properly equipped for each presenter.
  • Prepare signs, sign-up sheets, and provide updates as needed.
  • Stand by to troubleshoot during each session as needed.
  • Communicate with presenters as needed.
  • Attend the meetings and report about the events.