Past Chair

Job Title: Past Chair

Job Purpose: To mentor and assist the chair and serve as chair if for some reason the current chair is unable to complete the year.


  • Submit the minutes of the IS open meetings and the IS Annual Report to TESOL (TESOL will send a form and deadline)
  • Assist the chair with setting the Convention program
  • Serve as a mentor and resource for the current chair
  • Serve as a member of the steering committee
  • Chair the Nominating Committee
  • Help chair with any other duties assigned.


Summer following the year as chair:

  • Locate minutes of the Annual Business Meeting and Planning meeting
  • Submit minutes to TESOL (deadline is usually June 1).
  • Write Annual Report and submit to TESOL (deadline is usually June 1)
  • Read proposals
  • Help chair in final proposal selection


  • Assist chair when needed
  • Contact the other members of the nominating committee to brainstorm for possible nominees for new steering committee members and chair elect.
  • Recruit nominees and confirm their willingness to serve if elected.


  • Assist chair as needed
  • Finalize nominations for the elections at the business meeting at the convention.

During conference end of year:

  • Attend all IS open meetings as scheduled by TESOL
  • Actively recruit volunteers, especially for EV Special Events teams
  • Help chair with meetings
  • Represent the IS as a delegate at the IS Council (or whatever they are calling it now)
  • Relax and breathe a sigh of relief that you are not the chair this year.