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In response to the Corona Virus and the urgent need to move instruction to online learning formats, we have created a discussion forum on this site to post questions and comments. We will respond to all queries and invite you to share your best practices and recommendations. We are here to help. 🙂


TESOL CALL-IS cordially invites you to attend the webinar “Chalk and Talk vs. Skype and Swipe: The Need for Proper Training of Teaching Technologies” with Rob Howard.
Date: Sunday March 22, 2020. Time: 10:00 am (EDT) / 2:00 pm GMT
Please join this webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone by going to the CALL Interest Section-TESOL YouTube Channel.
Use the following links:www.youtube.com/channel/UChnWYx1ZGtHnzzpV5t98J4Qorbit.ly/call-ischannel

Discussion Forum: Bringing Advice from the Experts to You on all things for technology integration and distance learning.

This discussion forum has been created to post questions on technology-related topics and especially distance learning as we transition to blended and asynchronous (completely online) learning environments.

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