TESOL International Association is a not-for-profit worldwide professional organization with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section exists to define issues and standards in the field of computer-mediated language instruction, promote research and development in the area of computer-based language learning and disseminate information about CALL to ESL/EFL educators worldwide.

To accomplish its goals, CALL-IS…

  • Continually updates standards for evaluating computer-based materials and applications as changes in technology warrant.
  • Encourages research in computer-mediated language instruction.
  • Promotes the development of computer-based activities for English-language instruction.
  • Encourages TESOL members to become involved in the dissemination of CALL-related information by presenting at local, regional, and national conferences, serving as a consultant in TESOL’s Electronic Village, and publishing articles and reviews in professional publications.
  • Publishes a newsletter.
  • Maintains a Software and URL List of language-related software and websites.
  • Has developed an extensive CD-ROM library of freeware, shareware and demonstration products, available at cost to TESOL members.
  • Is developing a website to provide information about many areas related to CALL for ESOL professionals.
  • Organizes a computer lab, called the Electronic Village, at each TESOL Convention, where convention participants can explore language software and Internet applications and discuss computer-mediated instruction with colleagues around the world.
  • Organizes four special events at the annual TESOL Convention: Author’s Showcase, Software Fair, Web Fair, and Exhibitor’s Technology Fair.
  • Works with TESOL organizers on the logistics of successful computer-based presentations at conferences.
  • Serves as a resource to TESOL affiliates on setting up a computer lab for conferences.

The CALL Interest Section archives and website do not constitute endorsement of any particular software. Shareware and commercial registration requires payment to program authors / companies.

TESOL’s main office is at:
1925 Ballenger Avenue, Suite 550
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-6820 USA
Telephone: 703-836-0774, Fax 703-836-7864
Email: info@tesol.edu