Electronic Village 2014

Join us at the Electronic Village

March 26-29 2013 in Portland, Oregon, USA

Electronic Village Special Events:

At a Glance: Electronic Village & Technology Showcase Events and Schedule, 2014

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The TESOL CALL-IS is pleased to provide webcast coverage of the following sessions from the Technology Showcase at this year’s TESOL 48th Annual Convention in Portland:

  • CALL-IS Academic Session: Teacher Education in CALL
  • Higher Education Academic Session: Emerging Technologies- Managing a Changing Landscape with Mobile Technologies
  • EFL and CALL-IS InterSection: Experiences Integrating Mobile Learning in Language Classrooms Around the Globe
  • CALL and VDM-IS InterSection: Interactive Mobile Tools for the Next Generation
  • Hot Topics in Call
  • Mobile Warming: Melting the Barriers to Language Learning with Mobile Devices
  • Technology Use to Help Avoid Plagiarism: Resources for Teachers and Students
  • Social Networking in ELT
  • Flipping the Classroom in Multiple Contexts
  • Mobile Apps for Education Showcase
  • TESOL CALL-IS Open Meeting
  • The CALL-IS is also webcasting several selected EV Fair Classics sessions from the Electronic Village.

For more information, or to access the webcasts, visit http://callis2014.pbworks.com/.

You’re invited to join us!